My Story

Hello, hello and welcome to my little haven of coping with Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB, for short). 

My name is Anja and I live with Skin Picking (aka Dermatillomania or Excoriation disorder), Nail-Biting (Onychophagia), and Cheek-Biting (Morsicatio Buccarum). If only these behaviors were as cool as they sound in their scientific terms … *eye-rolling*

There is freedom in sharing our stories, and I want to share mine with you. I’m on a journey to better control my BFRBs. I need constant reminders to prevent or stop picking my skin or biting my nails.

And that’s how I began to illustrate my motivational self-talk and to decorate my trigger locations (bathroom and workplace) with it. 

I want to share my BFRB Coping Statements and experiences of trying out various techniques, tricks, and fidget toys. In this way, I hope to inspire you on your journey. 

Also, I want to raise and spread awareness of BFRB, as I still can’t believe that it took me over twenty years to find answers and, above all, to receive help. 

I would like to invite you to come on this journey. So let’s go; we’re healing!

Short BFRB Vita

I’m 33 years old. I’ve been biting my nails and picking the skin on my fingers since I was about 8. 

In my teens, I started to pick the skin on my legs and arms. And since I stopped taking the pill a few years ago, I’ve started to pick the resulting acne on my face and back. 

The cheek biting? I don’t even know when that started. 

Countless times I’ve tried to stop my then so-called “tics,” but nothing worked. Only in December 2020 I discovered that all these “bad habits” have a name called Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB). 

I was surprised to find out that all of these behaviors have the same origin. I felt like I just had to fight one fight instead of five. Most of all, I was relieved that I wasn’t alone with this struggle.

With all the information about BFRB and a great community, I hope to finally get answers and help.

That’s me in my happy place 🙂