BFRB Coping Tips & Tricks

Everyone’s experience with Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors may be slightly different…

But we all have the same questions:

How to resist popping pimples or pick bumps, how to stop biting lips and cheeks, how not to bite your nails, … and most importantly, where to find all this information! 

That’s why I started this collection of actionable tips and tricks to control BFRBs better.

I hope you find something helpful and inspiring for tackling your BFRBs!

BFRB Coping Tips

These are tips and tricks that I personally try and test. You will find various coping techniques, fidget toys, and healing strategies. 

Please remember that different people respond to different techniques. Try different tricks and find out what is effective for your BFRB and combine the techniques for better coping.

BFRB Coping Cards

Coping cards are reminders that help resist BFRBs. I keep these like mantras in my head and also decorate my trigger locations with them.

I illustrate the coping cards myself, which is part of my personal coping mechanism. Maybe they’ll help you fight your BFRB too!