Tactile Design of Acupressure Rings—Perfect for Fidgeting

Do you have restless fingers and like tactile things? Then the acupressure ring might be something for you. It has definitely become one of my favorite fidget toys.

Through my BFRB healing journey, I realize how much I love the touch of something rough, uneven, or textured, like open zippers, zesters, and exfoliating washcloths. Even as a child, I loved the touch of terry cloth or the newly grown hair on my mother’s legs.

The acupressure ring is a perfect, easily accessible, and discreet alternative. It has spiky tips that dig into your fingers and irritate the skin enough to provide a soothing sensation without damaging the skin.

These rings stimulate and promote blood flow when rolled up and down on the finger. Apparently, they also improve focus and energy levels. I can’t confirm that, but I welcome that benefit if that’s true.

The tactile design is perfect for fidgeting while reading, watching TV, working, or problem-solving. I also carry an acupressure ring in my pocket wherever I go. When I’m uncomfortable, I can fiddle with it without anyone noticing.

Where to Buy Acupressure Rings

Acupressure rings seem to be quite popular lately. Or maybe it’s because I like them so much, and that’s why I keep stumbling across them in different places.

These are the places I found the acupressure rings:


I got mine at London Drugs. Maybe your local drugstore has them as well. The brand is called Kikkerland, and its quality is fantastic!

Mental health or bookstores:

Bookstores often carry fidget toys too. I’m fortunate to live in a city (Vancouver, Canada) with a mental health bookstore. The Odin bookstore has acupressure rings, among other fidget toys.

Climbing gyms or climbing departments in sports shops:

I’ve been to many climbing gyms that sell acupressure rings. Climbers use the acupressure rings to massage their fingers to help with injuries or to warm up the finger before climbing.


If you search for acupressure rings online, you will get endless hits. I haven’t had the best experiences with Amazon, though, as they break easily. So maybe look at the price or reviews for better quality.

I hope you find this tip helpful!

photo of hand rolling an acupressure ring
photo of acupressure rings

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