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BFRB support groups are great for bringing together people with similar struggles and experiences of skin picking, nail biting, cheek biting, and hair pulling.

It took me a while to join an in-person support group because I didn’t know what to expect and how to talk about my BFRBs. 

But I’m super glad to have joined the local Vancouver support group hosted by Jason Yu of the Fidget Podcast.

At first, I felt a bit awkward opening up to strangers. But soon, these strangers became trusted friends who understood what I was going through. Now I look forward to our monthly meetings!

We mostly meet online, and the occasions when we meet in person are even more special!

Benefits of BFRB support groups

People suffering from BFRBs often share similar stories, worries, feelings, and everyday struggles.

Coming together in a support group for body-related repetitive behavior offers the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people and share experiences.

Participating in a BFRB support group can help you feel less lonely, isolated, or judged. You can learn about new coping techniques and get ideas for dealing with certain situations. 

What I cherish most is the emotional support and motivational boost I get from the meetings to continue my BFRB recovery journey.

Talking about BFRBs weakens them a bit … as if it demystifies them?

I highly recommend joining a BFRB support group. Be assured, most likely, there are just awesome, super friendly, and caring people like you!

How to find a support group for body-focused repetitive behaviors

There are many online BFRB support groups in English. Unfortunately, it is still quite a challenge to find support groups in other languages. But I have high hopes that this will change once the term BFRB becomes established.

There are different types of BFRB support groups:

Social media and forums – online

Reddit and private Facebook groups are popular for online support. These are forums where you can have written conversations or browse posts from others with BFRBs. Sometimes these groups are a bit more anonymous but still great for getting information and support.

Some of these groups focus on specific topics. You might be lucky enough to find one in your language too! Search keywords to find what best suits your needs: skin picking, BFRB + country (e.g., BFRB Mexico), hair pulling, calm hands, …

In-person BFRB support groups – online and offline 

I find the in-person support groups very helpful. However, finding local BFRB support groups can be tricky, especially if you don’t live in a big city.

Gladly many self-help groups meet online!

Here you can find lists of BFRB support groups:

    The volunteers from CBSN created a list of all the BFRB support groups in Canada. Thanks for that!
  • Picking Me Foundation
    The adult group (16+) meets online twice a month. Follow the link and scroll down to find a directory of international BFRB support groups.

BFRB Support groups:

  • Skin Picking Support
    This support group, led by Angela Hartlin, meets on Facebook but also online in person. 
  • BFRB Peer Group
    Jason Yu from the Fidget Podcast hosts a monthly online support group for all BFRBs. If you’re in Vancouver, Canada, meetings are in-person too!
  • BFRB Friends Group
    You may know Joyce Tran as @pullyoselftogehter on Instagram, where she posts awesome reels. Joyce hosts an international group that meets on a biweekly basis.
    If you’re in Ireland or UK, get in touch with They meet on Sundays every two weeks.

Please let me know if you know of BFRB support groups in other languages ​​and countries! I would like to collect and share them to make finding them more accessible.

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