The Power of a Fidget Ring to Replace BFRBs

Do you wear any BFRB rings or jewelry?

My BFRB fidget ring has particularly helped me gain better control over my finger-picking and nail-biting. It has become my trusty companion, little helper, sensory stimulant, and discreet fidget toy to use whenever I need to self-regulate. It sounds cheesy, but I couldn’t imagine life without it. šŸ˜…

My fingers have a life of their own. They travel and do their thing without me even noticing. They scratch the uneven skin, create hangnails, and eventually rip open whatever they can find, creating painful, bloody open sores.

The BFRB fidget ring became a healthy substitute that distracts my fingers and helps calm my nervous system. It’s a stylish fidget toy I can take wherever I go. 

I’ve learned and created a new habit of playing with the fidget ring instead of scanning my fingers for hangnails. 

In fact, I’ve replaced my old and unwanted skin-picking behavior with a new and healthier behaviorā€”at least most of the time! I did a little HRT (Habit Reversal Training) there without even realizing it!

Although I still rely on self-regulatory habits, I keep my hands busy without damaging the skin and nails. In addition, healthier fingers reduce the visual and sensory triggers for picking and biting. 

Discover the benefits of wearing a BFRB fidget ring for coping with body-focused repetitive behaviors

A fidget ring can be helpful for all BFRBs as it is a fidget toy. I mainly use it to distract my fingers from picking the skin around my nails and nail-biting. In short, these are the benefits of a fidget ring for BFRBs: 

  • You can calm your fingers in public without anyone noticing
  • It is a beautiful accessory
  • It is a discreet fidget toy
  • You can take it anywhere
  • It is always and easily accessible
  • You can get the nervous energy out through your fingers without damaging your skin, nails, or hair!
  • It is excellent for self-regulation
  • Release pent-up energy

Get Ideas for the Best Fidget Ring for Your Sensory Needs

You can get various types of fidget rings and jewelry that offer different levels of sensory stimulationā€”like moving parts, spinning things or all kinds of textures. 

For example, I’m receptive to moving little beats. This is how I found the fidget ring of my dreams:

  • First, I used aĀ ball chain for merchandising tagsĀ that I wrapped around my thumb, and that was it. Through this experiment, I learned that my fingers are sensitive to the texture of the small metal balls.
  • With that in mind, I went to the bead shop to find a better solution. I found a wire split ring where I could thread some beads. And that was my first fidget jewelry. It was cheap, looked good, and was super effective for me.
  • Then one day, while researching fidget jewelry, I came across a gorgeous, minimalistic silverĀ fidget ring with rotatable beads. My senses and I fell in love with it immediately. And so, I upgraded my DIY fidget ring with a lovely piece of jewelry.Ā 

In summary, I encourage you to discover your sensory needs and experiment with what suits you best! It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to be effective!


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