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Pssst … Your Are Not Alone

Suffering from BFRBs can sometimes feel very isolating. Family and friends sometimes don’t understand why we do this to ourselves and why we don’t just stop picking, pulling, or biting. In these situations, please remember that you are not alone!

For me, the realization that I wasn’t alone with BFRBs came in layers.

First, I found out that BFRBs existed at all. Finally, I knew that skin picking, nail-biting, and cheek biting were serious problems, not just bad habits.

And then I found out on social media that I wasn’t alone with my struggle. I read other people’s stories and saw myself – “That’s me!”, “My skin looks the same!”, “I do the same!”

Looking at pictures of other people struggling with BFRBs opened my eyes. For so many years, I thought I was alone with this problem.

I am so grateful to have finally found people with whom I can exchange experiences and tips. People who understand how I feel and know what I am going through because they have the same or similar struggle to some extent.

Support groups and inspiring social media accounts

Here are just a few social media accounts where you can find information, courage, support, motivation, positive attitude, advice, inspiration, and where you can connect with people. 


@bfrbcoping (this is my Instagram account where I show a bit more behind the scenes)



BFRB Coping (yes, I’m on FB too. A little less active there, but I’m working on it 😉
Skin Picking Support
BFRB Support
Dermatillomania/Excoriation disorder & BFRB support



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