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BFRB Beauty Basics

What has your BFRB taught you?

I’ve learned so much about BFRBs and, consequently, about myself. And I’m still on my way to learning more. I wish I had known many things sooner, but better late than never, eh?

In BFRB recovery, in addition to avoiding inflammation and pain, we focus so much on having spotless skin, smooth fingers, or stunning long hair or nailsβ€”to look a certain way and fit a certain beauty profile.

However, BFRB recovery is much more than that. It’s about inner healing, unlearning trauma, and getting to know yourself.

It might sound strange, but I’m grateful for my BFRBs and what they’ve taught me.

For example, these are some things I’ve learned so far on my BFRB recovery journey, aka my BFRB Beauty Basics:

πŸ’™ More self-love
πŸ’™ Less self-doubt
πŸ’™ More self-acceptance
πŸ’™ I’m good enough
πŸ’™ Creating awareness helps to heal in many aspects
πŸ’™ More self-compassion and patience
πŸ’™ Less perfectionism

What would you add to this list?

I send you much love, Anja πŸ’™

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