Wear Cotton Gloves for the Ultimate BFRB Intervention

Some of my favorite skin picking barriers are wearing finger protectors or taping the fingers. Unfortunately, those interventions sometimes are just not enough of a barrier. At times like these, I wear cotton gloves.

Wearing the gloves is very effective because you just can’t pick your skin, bite your nails or even pull your hair while wearing them. Another advantage is that I don’t see my fingers if they are in a rough shape from picking my fingers.

The cotton glove method works best when reading, watching TV, or even working at the computer – yes, typing on the keyboard works surprisingly well too! Most of the time I only wear one glove. That way, I have a free hand without restrictions to use the computer mouse … or to snack 😉

The cotton gloves should fit snugly around your hand, otherwise they may distract or get in the way. To make the gloves tighter, I tie a knot at the bottom. See the picture below.

You can get cotton gloves in different sizes at a conventional drug store for pretty cheap. 

If you buy cotton gloves, but they are unusable for your BFRBs, you can always use them to moisten your hands. Just apply a lotion or hand repair cream and wear the gloves for a few hours or overnight. Check out these tips for super soft hands.

Or do both – healing your BFRB ridden skin while creating a barrier for skin picking, nail-biting, and hair-pulling!

Photo of a hand wearing a cotton glove typing on a keyboard
Make the cotton gloves tighter by tying a knot at the bottom.

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