Dim the Lights to Not See Blemishes

Probably the most common BFRB crime scene is the bathroom with brightly lit mirrors.

I tend to scrutinize my face closely under the bright light for hours. I see things that other people wouldn’t even notice.  

A simple trick to reduce visual triggers is to dim the lights. I unscrewed three out of four lightbulbs in my bathroom. I still see enough for my bathroom activities as most don’t even require bright lights. 

If dimming the lights in your bathroom isn’t an option, maybe consider getting a night lamp. Some of them have dimmers or even different color options. 

I still remember going to that one bar as a teenager where the bathroom lights were red and dimmed. My skin there never looked more flawless. All I can say is that my confidence was quite high after these bathroom visits 😉

Alternatively, you may be able to remove the mirror entirely. And while we’re at it, be sure to remove any magnifying mirrors for your own good.

This is just an example of a night lamp I once bought on Amazon. The company is called VAVA.

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