Coping Cards

For Every One Pimple I Pick, Three Will Grow in its Place

I don’t know yet whether to fear this statement or hope that it is true.

This coping card is one of my biggest motivations not to pick my pimples. Especially when I have those nasty cystic ones sitting underneath the skin, practically begging me to be squeezed.

Thanks to my BFRB, I’ve never experienced a full pimple life cycle. So I’m on a mission to resist picking long enough to find out what happens to these monsters. And most of all, I want to find out whether this coping statement is true or not.

I now avoid mirrors even more and (try) not to touch my face. The calendar challenge also helps me stay on top of things โ€“ one day at a time. 

Unfortunately, getting rid of those suckers just feels so damn good. I have to admit that I do love popping pimples to the extent that I sometimes watch YouTube videos where they just do that. Is anyone familiar with Dr. Pimple Popper? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So yeah, I need all of the good reasons why I should leave pimples alone. Perhaps these additional reminders will help me resist:

  1. More pimples could indeed grow back. Bacteria from cracked pimples could spread to the surrounding pores, which could lead to more pimples. 
  2. The popping of a zit can delay the natural healing process.
  3. The bacteria could penetrate even further into the skin by squeezing a pimple, creating an even bigger zit. 
  4. And of course, there is a high risk of permanent scarring from deeper cystic pimples. I know that โ€ฆ

Armed with these facts, I hope to calm my pimple picking urges and lengthen my squeeze-free periods a little each time.

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