Coping Cards

Focus On the Outcome You Want

Every time I manage not to pick my skin for a while, I marvel at how beautiful it can be. Or when I have lovely long-ish fingernails without sores around my fingers, I wonder how on earth I ever could bite my nails and tear off hangnails – ouch!

Yes, that can be the case, especially when I’m on vacation. My BFRBs can be less powerful when I’m more relaxed and when I’m not worried too much.

Healing the wounds, I inflict on myself sometimes feels like forever. I know that squeezing and picking are ultimately counterproductive to healing. But that doesn’t help me resist because my body-focused repetitive behaviors are stronger.

During my struggle, I try to focus on the good times: when my freckles are the only spots on my face, when I don’t have to be ashamed of my fingers during a client meeting, or when I don’t have to put extra sunscreen on all the scabs one by one. 

Focusing on the outcome motivates me to resist my urge to pick my skin and bite my nails. At least a little bit and sometimes … 😌

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