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It’s Okay to Slip. The Goal Is Not to Slip as Hard or as Often.

Healing is not linear, so don’t be too hard with yourself when you have a setback. Feeling bad about relapses only fuels negative emotions and thus BFRB episodes.

While your ultimate goal is likely to stop your BFRBs completely, the chances of achieving that goal overnight are very slim.

Therefore, it can be helpful to focus on smaller goals first, such as not slipping as hard or as often.

That way, instead of feeling like a failure because you can’t achieve the big goal of being BFRB-free, you can focus on smaller victories. The resulting positive feelings will aid your healing progress. 

Pat yourself on the shoulder if you managed to back off after just picking a spot or two and not ending up in a full BFRB episode.

Or be proud if you haven’t chewed your nails for several days when you couldn’t leave them alone for a few minutes beforehand.

Take it step by step. Over time, you will get more and more control over you­­r BFRBs. And thus, the picking- and pulling-free periods will last longer, and the setbacks will not be as damaging as they were before.

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