Gel Finger Covers–the Best Way to Protect Your Fingers from Picking & Biting

The reusable gel finger covers are the most effective in protecting me from picking and biting my nails and the skin on my fingers. They are the upgrade from the finger protectors I shared a while ago. 

Like the finger protectors, the finger covers are tubes that you can cut into small rounds, depending on how they work best for you. I prefer my protective gear to be as small as possible. That’s why I cut my finger covers quite narrow.

The covers protect the fingertips from nail-biting and finger picking. But they also work great for dermatillomania and trichotillomania as you can create a barrier for your problem fingers. Protecting the thumb alone can works wonders sometimes. 👍

I wear the covers either preventively or as soon as I start picking or biting. Or to hide the damage I’ve done. 😬

Information for the gel finger covers: 

  • easy to clean – just wash with warm water
  • the gel material is soft and elastic
  • comfortable to wear
  • the snug fit feels like a second thicker skin
  • they do not lose their shape
  • they cover any wounds on fingers
  • unfortunately, I only found them on Amazon: Canadian store, USA store or search for “gel finger cots” or “gel finger sleeves”.

Extra tip:

Apply cuticle oil before putting on the covers. That way, your skin will get that extra nourishing boost to stay soft and healthy. Moreover, your furniture or keyboard will not get oily from the cuticle oil 😉


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