Wrap a Rubber Band Around Your Sleeve to Avoid Exposing Skin

I like to find everyday household items that help me cope with my BFRBs. In this post, I’m going to talk about how to use a rubber band or headband to create a barrier against picking your arms and legs.

At home, I looove to wear baggy clothes – preferably my husband’s (🤫). The problem is, it’s easy to mindlessly slide the wide sleeves up my arms and expose the skin. 

I start scanning the skin with my eyes and fingers, looking for something to pick.

To avoid disappointment, I try to stay covered to avoid visual triggers like small bumps, pimples, or scabs.

So, when I wear clothes with wide sleeves, I wrap a rubber band around my wrist and over the fabric. This way, I not only create a barrier to keep the sleeves in place, but I also become aware of my BFRB actions.

Sometimes I even loop a rubber band over the sweatpants around my ankles. You can tuck them into your fluffy socks as well. ☺️

Alternatively, wear tighter clothes like leggings or a turtleneck to avoid visual triggers on your skin. 

If anyone has any other more sophisticated method, please let me know!

Another example of a household item in my BFRB toolbox is the DIY fidget ring.

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