Coping Cards

It’s Okay. Keep Going.

Setbacks are part of the healing process from body-focused repetitive behaviors. Our BFRBs are deeply ingrained, and if it were easy to “just stop,” we wouldn’t be here, eh! 🙄

Therefore, it helps me if I accept that fact – it makes it a little easier for me to forgive myself if I slip. 

Feeling negative or self-loathing during or after a picking or biting episode will only make the situation worse.

With this in mind, I’m trying to change my inner monologue: from “since I screwed up, I can keep picking and biting” to “it’s okay if I get lost in a BFRB episode. Keep going and focus on the healing path.”

To sum it up, let me tell you: It’s okay to slip. The aim is not to slip as hard and as often.

Sending you much love. Anja

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