Coping Cards

Skin Picking Makes My Skin Less Healthy

I think we all know and agree that skin picking makes our skin less smooth and less healthy.

Nevertheless, we pick scratch and bite, intending to smooth out our skin. I personally find it rewarding and soothing when I remove a scab or pop a pimple. Again and again and again … 

My fingers and eyes are always looking for the slightest imperfections on my skin. I tell myself that getting rid of blemishes will speed up the healing process, and then my skin will finally look good.

It is such a paradox because my skin looks worse after I’ve tried to make it better. When I see the damage I’ve done, I feel angry with myself, defeated and helpless. And the healing process feels like it takes forever.

This BFRB coping statement helps me remind myself that blemishes heal faster when I leave them alone and let them heal naturally.

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