Place Coping Statements at Your BFRB Trigger Locations

Placing BFRB coping statements and reminders at my trigger locations was one of the first steps in my BFRB healing journey.

I need reminders and positive encouragement quotes to control my BFRBs. I worry that if I don’t deal with them regularly, I’ll quickly slip into old patterns of picking and biting without realizing it.

As a hobby and self-therapy, I began drawing BFRB coping reminders and used them to decorate my trigger locations. 

My two main trigger locations are the bathroom and my work desk. So, I placed a hand-lettered quote on my bathroom mirror and another on the computer monitor. 

I know that our dermatillomania, trichotillomania, or onychophagia (nail-biting) are not limited to places. Unfortunately, the triggers and stressors that cause our BFRBs are omnipresent. 

However, adding helpful and visually pleasing reminders to the key trigger locations is already a good start to creating awareness and potentially preventing the urge to pick, scratch, and bite.

After all, scars, scabs, and burning skin are the wrong reminders. We need help before we do the damage.

Check out the Coping Cards section on my website for other coping statements.

Do you know your main trigger locations?

My BFRB Coping reminder on the bathroom mirror.

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