Coping Cards

Do Not Look. Do Not Touch.

BFRB Coping Reminder for all BFRBs: Do not look. Do not touch.

We are often triggered by the look and touch of imperfect, rough, textured, uneven skin or hair.

This is a friendly reminder not to let your fingers and eyes (or tongue if you bite your cheeks) wander around mindlessly, as this will trigger and increase the urge to pull, pick and bite.

Whenever I lean in the mirror, check my nails while doing yoga, or feel my arms and general skin during a “thinking pause” at work, I try to use this coping statement to free myself from this behavior before the urge to take action arises.

To hide the damaged skin on my fingers I like to use the gel finger covers until the skin is healed.

For my face, I often use hydrocolloid bandages which I can leave on for several days. There will be no scabs and after three days or so the wounds are not as triggering anymore.

I send you coping energy, Anja 💙

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