Red Light Makes the Perfect Dermatillomania Environment

The bathroom is one of my primary trigger locations for my dermatillomania. Installing a red lightbulb in this room was a personal game-changer for my struggle with skin picking.

When I walk into the bathroom, I tend to lean in the mirror and look on my skin for things to pick. Especially things that need to be left alone in order to heal.

I can’t see any blemishes, scabs, or spots under the red light, so I’m not tempted to engage in my BFRB. #outofsightoutofmind

The red light makes such a beautiful, even skin tone that makes me feel sooooo good in my skin!

💡I currently use a regular red lightbulb in my tiny bathroom. It’s a bit dark, which took some time to get used to. But maybe this makes it even more effective. And I can always unscrew it when I need a regular light.

💡For my next home, I will likely get LED strip lights with adjustable brightness and different color options. Perhaps a light shade of red would already help not to get too triggered.

💡 Another option for colored light is smart lightbulbs. They also come with adjustable brightness and colors that can be regulated with an app.

I have the red light as the default most of the time. If I go for a long time without picking and my skin has no breakouts, I dare to use the standard light more often. 

Until I have a major setback, then my precautions start over. 

Maybe this coping method will give you a break from your BFRBs too!


PS: Maybe just dimming the lights already help you!

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