Coping Cards

You Know You Can’t Stop if You Squeeze Just a Tiny Bit

Do you know the feeling of losing control of not being able to stop squeezing out all the things – from the giant pimple to the tiniest blemish. The feeling of being deep in the zone? I hate it when this happens to me. It almost always starts the same way. 

I just want to check this one point. Then I just squeeze a tiny bit to see if something comes out. Then I try a little harder until the first layer of skin comes off. If nothing comes out of that one spot, I’ll quickly move on to the next one. 

Almost like in a little panic or a rush because I know I shouldn’t pick my skin. But before I can stop, I squeeze as many pimples or blemishes as possible. Getting something out of my skin just feels so rewarding. 

It becomes incredibly frustrating when I pick the same spot for months or when I start “operating” with the needle. Excuse me if I elaborate on that here, but I think you know or can relate to what I am talking about here.

To not get caught in the check/pick/heal/repeat spiral, I try everything so as not to squeeze even a tiny bit. To do just that, I need all the BFRB tricks, especially in the bathroom. 

Dimming the bathroom lights has helped me a lot to not see blemishes. Also, placing this coping statement on my bathroom mirror is a great reminder to stay strong against my urges and not to even start picking my skin. Other than that, I try to avoid looking closely at my skin and try to keep my finger busy, so they don’t wander around looking for any bumps.  

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